Comparison of PRT and Light Rail

PRT Light Rail
Non-stop Stops at every station
Little or no waiting. (Cars wait for riders.) Longer waiting. (Riders wait for trains.)
24/7 service. Limited service times.
Quicker trips. Waiting + stops wastes 30%+ of time.
Stations every 1/2 mile or less. Fewer stations; add’l transport required.
Ride when you want, with whom you want, directly to where you want to go. Ride when the schedule allows, with strangers and a bunch of stops.
Energy efficient and no fossil fuels. Inefficient, especially with low ridership.
Less noise and no pollution. Noisy and air pollution.
Less costly infrastructure. Very expensive infrastructure.
Can be built above sidewalks, medians. Requires expensive land acquisitions.
Businesses bid for stations to defray cost. All at taxpayers’ expense.
Greener and less expensive. 19th century tech - dirty, noisy, costly.

Links: Or just google Personal Rapid Transit.